Successful New Product & Service Development & Innovation Strategies

  • Create winning innovative products and services effectively, efficiently, repeatedly and profitably

    This seminar is designed to acquaint participants with the key factors that can mean the difference between prospering and failing in new product development strategy and innovation. It will give them knowledge of the practical steps necessary for success, and the skills to immediately apply the latest techniques and processes in their organization. They will leave with the ability to effectively bring innovative new products and services to market on a regular basis.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Understand the four types of New Product Development and the optimum processes for each
    • Define your innovation strategy and product roadmap to focus on the right markets, technologies and product types
    • Link product innovation to corporate strategy and culture
    • Effective ideation techniques and product development processes, tools and templates
    • Understand integrated portfolio management and effective resource allocation for project success
    • Rank and prioritize projects – make the right investment decisions and improve speed to market
    • Leverage and manage disruptive technologies

    Who Should Attend

    This program will benefit anyone in B2B or B2C sectors who seeks to differentiate their organization from the competition through new product and service development and innovation, including:

    Marketing Directors/Managers, Sales Directors/Managers, Product/Category Managers, Design engineers, VP Marketing/Sales, Entrepreneurs

    Benefit from coaching and mentoring by the instructor in developing your own new product innovation plans, and sales & marketing strategies.

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