National University Network

The demand for our award-winning management programs has lead to a growing number of our programs being offered at these world class partner universities. In order to bring courses right to your region and further our mission as the premier supplier of global executive education, SEEC has sought out and developed an extensive network of learning partnerships with leading academic institutions across the North America, each carefully selected for their commitment to excellence.

These partnerships allow us to enhance the quality of your educational experience by leveraging local faculty and regional expertise.


Aside from partnering with other world class universities, SEEC’s pursuit of providing participants with unique executive educational learning experiences also means seeking out and developing alliances with specialized organizations and associations carefully selected for their own exceptionality. These alliances allow SEEC to continually evaluate our approach and dedication to creating engaging learning environments for our participants. It is with the main objective of delivering premier global executive education that pushes us forward to look for more opportunities to provide our participants with the skills, knowledge, and expertise that is needed to succeed in today’s demanding business world.