In-House Programming

  • We can help you plan! We will help you budget with bulk purchasing plans and we can arrange for your staff to go to our open enrolment programs or if you have the numbers, run a program in house.

    Off-the-shelf: We have a wide range of ready-made, highly targeted curriculum that has been proven over time to produce results. There are a number of reasons you might want to bring in-house any of these programs

    • Cost: As you approach 10 or more participants, it becomes economical to run an in-house class rather than sending them to open enrolment.
    • Relevance: Sometimes it is important to have participants network and learn from peers in other companies, and sometimes you have the need to tailor the program to your organization’s challenges.

    Tailored: Modify a ready-made program with discussions and exercises focusing on your business context and challenges. Each one of our programs are highly experiential with mini cases and group breakout sessions throughout, all designed to apply the concepts, tools and methodologies of the program. When we tailor a program the most typical way we do this is to work with you and your functional departments to design short mini cases that get to the heart of your culture or your challenges.

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