Dynamic Strategies for More Complex Negotiations

  • Complex and multi-party negotiations require strong strategic planning

    Experienced negotiators know that taking control of the process through a strategic approach to planning, communicating and adapting with agility is key. In both union and non-union environments, being prepared for the unexpected requires adapting one’s style to diverse negotiators through an expanded negotiation toolkit.

    Participants in this action-packed, three-day workshop will acquire and practice advanced techniques in tough and complex negotiations to improve their negotiation agility. Proven tools and techniques for handling tough negotiators, complex negotiations, obstacles, and politics will be provided using videotaping and feedback, negotiation simulations, individual self-assessments, team demonstrations and discussions and case studies.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Expand your negotiating toolkit for complex negotiations in both union and non-union environments
    • Reframe critical and politically- sensitive negotiating messages for more communications impact and influence
    • Self-manage conflict triggers more proactively when faced with negotiation obstacles and tough negotiators
    • Become a more observant and adaptable negotiator with multiple cultures and negotiating parties
    • Think faster on your feet when responding to unexpected negotiation situations, objections, and questions
    • Anticipate and react to negative ploys and power plays with confidence and communication fluency
    • Make better decisions about what strategies and tactics to use for collaborative and competitive negotiations

    Who Should Attend

    Anyone interested in building on their knowledge of negotiating fundamentals, and achieving the next level of expertise and confidence through the application of advanced techniques will benefit, including:

    • General and division managers, business officers and directors
    • Training, HR and industrial relations specialists
    • Sales, marketing and account managers
    • Project managers and team leaders
    • Branch, regional, national, international, and public-sector managers
    • Business development managers, business analysts and other specialists

    While not a prerequisite, participants who are familiar with the concepts introduced in our level-one negotiating course Successful Business Negotiating Strategies for Managers will be well prepared for this program.

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