Certificate in Critical Communication Skills

  • Become a master communicator and learn to combine the right words with the right actions to achieve results

  • Critical communication skills accelerate career success and are essential to the cohesive and prosperous operation of any organization. With this effective business communication course you will learn to embrace a professional approach to improving your communication style, both written and verbal, and learn to take advantage of the different ways that your communication choices impact colleagues, client and vendor relationships – and your overall professional success. In just five days of business communication training, you’ll acquire the skills necessary to become a persuasive communicator and a collaborative problem solver when it matters most.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Become an influential, engaging communicator to realize your career potential and aspirations

    Learn to use business storytelling, best practices and new presentation techniques to bring about change and create forward momentum

    Network with your peers across multiple industries and develop meaningful corporate connections

    Learn how to take risks and communicate clearly on critical business issues

    Benefit from the blend of individual and group exercises