Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders

  • Benefit from an approachable, fundamental look into the world of Big Data

  • Organizations and leaders have access to vast amounts of data, but rarely know how to leverage it for better results. This tailored program provides an introduction to the concepts of Big Data and Predictive Analytics delivered within a Leadership framework. Designed for professionals who want to learn how to interpret, analyze, communicate and present data with confidence.

    The program consists of three modules, each of which can be taken stand alone or when combined, award the Masters Certificate.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Gain insight in methods of analyzing data to improve understanding of complex issues

    Understand the role of data in customer aquisition and retention to create competitive advantage

    Recognize opportunities to enhance decision making, performance and profitability

    Gain fluency in big data analytics to improve your ability to ask the right questions and gain the right answers