Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams

  • New Online Program!

  • Why is your multigenerational workforce unhappy, unenthusiastic and unproductive?

    Today’s workplaces feature three – soon to be four – generations, each with their own modes of communication and ways of using technology. Yet organizational leaders are failing to connect with two or three generations of employees, leading to stress, disengagement and extremely low levels of efficiency. And they don’t even realize it’s happening. This new online, self-paced learning program will teach managers how to shift their approach for workers of each generation in order to bridge the workplace communications gap.

program learning features

  • Interactive, engaging e-learning modules and pre-recorded mini-lectures.

  • Apply your learning between modules to get the instructor's comments.

  • Engage in guided and free form discussions with your fellow participants.

  • Upload video of yourself practising the techniques and get personalized feedback.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • The ultimate in just-in-time learning. Learn it now or take up to four months to complete it.

    Flexibility and convenience: accessible anywhere 24/7 to suit your schedule

    Comprehend and retain more through self-paced learning

    Save time, money and anxiety associated with being away from the office

    A greener alternative which reduces your carbon footprint with less commuting and paper consumption

    Provides a risk-free environment conducive to the practice and development of soft skills