Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Yellow Belts will understand the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and how to routinely apply this to their area of responsibility

  • Become a leader in driving continuous improvement with your team or department by applying Lean Six Sigma principles and tools to deliver breakthrough improvements in any business sector or environment. SEEC’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and certification program will help be you more efficient, productive and effective while delivering a higher quality product or service at a lower cost. In this course you'll learn why organizations all across North America are turning to Lean Six Sigma training and certification to develop a focus on internal efficiencies while at the same time becoming more in tune with the voice of their customers.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Receive a balance of theory and applied learning

    Learn from real world experiences on how organizations have applied Lean Six Sigma

    Free up time for Green Belts and Black Belts to focus on more complex initiatives/projects