Certificate in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change

  • Increase your capacity to effectively lead and manage new strategies in an ever-changing business environment

  • The frequency of change in everyday business requires leaders to shift from thinking of change as an exception, to managing change as an ongoing part of an organization’s landscape.  Your ability to lead and manage strategic change projects is imperative to your career success.

    Develop your qualifications to successfully lead all types of change, such as new market developments, technological advances, business restructuring, legislative implications, acquisitions and outsourcing. Enhance your leadership competencies in key areas, such as developing a compelling vision, motivating others, building consensus and aligning processes.

    • “This course will get you moving to being a champion of change. If you are already a champion the course will enhance your skills and offer a tested means to drive change through your organization.”

      A.D. JessDirector, ConMed Linvatec Canada
    • “Exceptional, valuable knowledge on leading strategic change with practical experience to apply the theory. The simulation team exercise was very useful.”

      S.A. ShaoBusiness Excellence Consultant, Apotex Inc.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Generate and communicate a compelling vision and strategy to set your organization on a path to success

    Fully develop your capacity to successfully lead all types of change and nurture your leadership competencies in seven essential areas

    Network with your peers across multiple industries and develop meaningful corporate connections

    Assess, plan and measure the success of your sustainable strategic plan through SEEC’s popular computer simulation

    Learn to align people, processes and structures with organizational strategy