Strategic Public Manager, The

  • Develop a strategic advantage to master public sector management in times of austerity and uncertainty

  • Public leaders require strategic managers in their organizations who can effectively lead programs that cost less, deliver better service and add public value for Canadians. Strategic leadership requires experience, sound judgement and an arsenal of strategies and tools to succeed. Rapid change and generational turnover raise expectations of accelerated knowledge gathering, requiring public managers to grow up quickly, learning in five years what once took 20.

    Develop your management competencies in seven practical areas of advantage with this strategic management course. You will better understand how public sector context and issues contribute to good governance, apply workable strategies to improve public service design and delivery, and learn to take advantage of leadership roles and relationships to leverage capacity and change.

    • “The course material and content was very relatable to my everyday responsibilities. It reinforced the value of being strategic in managing outcomes as part of the bigger picture.”

      D. KlotzDirector, Office of the Workers' Advocate
    • “Truly a world-class experience providing context for public service issues and themes.”

      M. RoddChief of Police, Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Develop the strategic leadership competencies needed to thrive in the public sector and improve your organization’s results

    Apply your newly acquired techniques and tools to improve organizational performance, engage your staff, and establish new goals and innovations in your workplace

    Network with other professionals across multiple industries and develop meaningful corporate connections

    Benefit from a team of progressive instructors who share innovative strategies, techniques, tips, shortcuts and stories to enhance learning

    Add stewardship, ethical governance and political acuity to your leadership edge